XFL - Extended Formula Language
@Formula debugger and other useful addons for the Notes formula language

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What's XFL

XFL programming has been presented at Notes related conferences as EntwicklerCamp and DNUG.

The Extended Formula Language improves the native formula language of Lotus Notes in several important points, e.g.:

Real formula debugging

Do not slave away at pseudo debugging using @Prompt any longer! Take the XFL @Formula debugger. It can be so easy! You even can use a SmartIcon to activate or deactivate the debugger.


Define your own @Functions

Add new @Functions to the formula language or define alias names to existing functions.

DEFINE @MyFunction(x) := x*x;
FIELD Value2 := @MyFunction(Value1)

You also can easily embed functions of your LotusScript libraries and make them usable as new @Functions.

A lot of new @Functions are implemented in XFL as well.

Use LotusScript code within your formula code

Use @Execute to take advantage from the LotusScript language in your formulas.

Object oriented programming in formulas

You can use LotusScript classes and handle objects by formula.

OBJECT session := @CreateObject("NotesSession");
OBJECT mydb := session.currentdatabase;
FIELD Size := mydb.maxsize;


... and much more. Just read the documentation file to find out all the features.


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