XFL - Extended Formula Language
@Formula debugger and other useful addons for the Notes formula language

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The XFL engine is free of charge. Use it on your own risk!

A full documentation you can find here:

XFL_eng.pdf (160 KB)


This .nsf file contains the libraries, examples and the documentation.
There is also a SmartIcon embedded to switch the formula debugger on and off.

XFL_eng.nsf (656 KB)

XFL version 3.09
Last modified: 2014/02/11


These files are also available in German:

XFL_de.pdf (160 KB)       XFL_de.nsf (672 KB)


Example application: XLS/CSV import using XFL

This database contains an import function for XLS and CSV files.
It works with any Notes database without inserting new design elements like views. Just edit the settings.
Using this agent code you can handle CSV files containig multi line values (such as comment fields with line breaks).
This script allows you creating and updating documents configured by a single formula code!
You can even activate a backgroud file import agent. The enclosed background agent can process files which are mailed to this database.
You can easily make it suitable for any application!

import.nsf (360 KB) 

Example application: Using Winword and PDF documents in Notes databases

This database contains some example scripts to control Winword and PDF forms.
There are three examples included.
1. Simple Winword document with variable parts written in formula language
2. PDF form with fields which are filled in by an LotusScript agent
3. Winword mail merge based on field values of Notes documents

forms.nsf (390 KB) 


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