XFL - Extended Formula Language
@Formula debugger and other useful addons for the Notes formula language

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There is no installation routine.

Just copy both script libraries of the example database into the database you want to use XFL programming in. That's all.

Now you can use these LotusScript functions to execute XFL code:


It will work in forms, views, agents and any other design element where LotsusScript is possible.

To transform a formula button of a form into XFL format e.g. to debug it you will have to change the button type to LotusScript. Then copy the formula code into a XFLExecuteOnUIDoc() call:

Sub Click(Source As Button)
    Call XFLExecuteOnUIDoc({
    REM "insert formula here"; @Debug(1);
    FIELD a := ...
End Sub

Read the documentation file for more details.


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